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Amadeo Tusell - 22th may 2022

Branding is the process of creating a brand, giving it an identity. To achieve this purpose, it is necessary to prepare an entire strategy that builds the image and perception that customers will have of your brand, creating a positive connection between the two.


Building the Branding of your brand


Branding seeks to position your brand in the market to generate a close relationship with your customers, establishing a direct connection to influence their purchasing decisions.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to carry out an analysis and a whole planning that will determine what will be the steps to follow to position your brand.

In the Branding process we can distinguish two elements: What we see, which refers to the visual and verbal identity. And what we don't see, which is the brand strategy.


Visual identity


It is the way your brand is presented: Name, logo, colors and typography, in addition to the verbal identity, which is the way your brand is presented. Who is it addressed to, the tone to be used and the message to be transmitted.


Brand strategy


Brands are born with the promise of satisfying the needs that other products in the same field do not fill. We must work on the strategy based on its values ​​and attributes, with a clear mission and vision that will give it its own personality.


To define what the brand strategy to be developed will be, we must investigate and answer some questions, which will allow us to know where to go.

Knowing how to interpret your brand, knowing the product in depth, which consumer it is aimed at, the tone in which it will be presented, what it has to say and its value propositions, you will be able to develop a Branding strategy that differentiates your company from the rest of the sector, attracts potential customers and set you on the path to success.


How to manage the Branding of your brand?


As we have established, branding creates and manages the identity of your brand, making it known and remembered. A good branding strategy would be, for example, letting your customers know what your company does and the social activities with which it collaborates.


It is important to produce an entire experience for consumers. They will buy trusting the values ​​of your brand and the quality of your products. Some steps that a branding strategy must follow and position your brand, taking into account your Buyer.


• Present your brand in an attractive way, both visually and in terms of company values. Define what the tone and voice of your brand will be.

• Let your customers know the value they will get by buying your product.

• Convey emotions with which customers identify. Create links between your brand and customers.

• Adapt your brand to changes without losing your identity. Your company's ability to adapt to changes will maintain its position in the market and add value to consumers. Stay updated

• Make your customers loyal. If your brand is among their favorites, they will become the best ambassadors for your products. Thank you for your loyalty via email; attends to their requirements, clears their doubts and converses with them on social networks. Offer them prizes and discounts for their preference to your brand.

• Do not lose sight of the competition. Differentiate yourself from them by offering what they do not do, for example if the competition offers a home delivery service for a reasonable price; You also offer delivery, but for free.

• Talk with the competition, share their network content, comment on their posts. This will be seen as honest and fair competition that potential clients will value.

· Link your website with social networks and emails, keeping total consistency between them. Keep networks updated and respond to customer questions promptly.

• Promote the approach of your brand to the communities, to provide support in cultural, educational and recreational activities.