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Amadeo Tusell - 22th may 2022

Brand management involves the creation, monitoring and fulfillment of your company's objectives. Knowing and being very clear about these objectives will help you visualize and implement the necessary strategies to position your product at an advantageous level within the competition.


Branding and brand management

Branding is made up of a set of actions related to the positioning of your brand. Your goal will be to create conscious and unconscious connections with current and potential customers that influence their purchasing decisions.

Branding will focus on managing your brand to make it known and desired, positioning its positive image in the minds of consumers.


It is important that you remember that your brand is much more than a logo and a visual identity; she will define the needs and experiences that will stimulate the acquisition of your products or services.


It is important to bear in mind that each person understands a brand in a subjective and very different way, depending on their social, cultural, economic context and their experience with the company that supports it.


This is the main reason why good brand management, through branding, is key for any company, regardless of its sector. Branding will allow your brand to be recognized and naturally associated with customer emotions and experiences towards your product.


The secret of good brand management is based on designing the right strategy, which can create a very close link between consumers and your product and also, which is capable of attracting potential customers through the loyalty and reference of your current customers.


Managing a brand is establishing and making known its image, values ​​and defined and coherent purpose to generate positive perceptions and emotions in the minds of your consumers.


Remember that your brand is the perception that your audience has about your product. What you do, what you say and how you say it to generate feelings, thoughts, and expectations in your customers.


Branding in brand management


Today, competition has increased so much that it requires our companies to differentiate themselves from the rest of the same sector. It is essential that the management of your brand favors the visibility of its products and positions itself solidly so that the public can easily locate it.


In this sense, there is no doubt about the power of branding in brand management, in the marketing strategy, and that it also defines the communication lines that will be presented in the channels, supports and platforms.


Branding is the basis of good brand management and sales strategy, since it tells you what your target market is and how to present your products. Remember that customers generally discard products that do not meet their expectations.


Good brand management strengthens your business and injects energy into your sales proposition. The sum of everything you do, and the experience you create for consumers, will stimulate the purchase of your products, confident in the values ​​of your brand that they will associate with their quality.


It's important to note that you don't need to have a huge budget to build loyalty. Good branding and brand management is just that: keeping your promises.


The good news? It is that if your company is small, you will have the advantage of knowing your clients directly, making it grow indefinitely.


What you must consider to manage your brand


It is valuable that you refine and define your brand identity, it is the most effective way to attract consumers who share your same values.


Remember that all customers are different and have different needs; you can't please everyone, so don't try to be everything to everyone.


Define your strengths by generating a list of the traits and skills that give you a competitive advantage over other companies. For example: If your knowledge of the industry is specialized, if your products are of high quality or if the production methods are friendly to the environment.


Your strengths can create a better shopping experience than your competitors. Analyze which ones will support you in managing your brand; for example, if you offer products or services that are not available in your area, the flexibility and convenience that your business offers for the acquisition of products, among others.


Of course, the weaknesses must also be recognized and improved. There will always be areas where you can improve, such as prices, product quality, delivery times, among others.


And we reach the highest point in brand management: The threats. Make a list of obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your business goals. Stay up to date with industry or economic trends that could affect your company and, to the possible extent, adapt to changes.


Seek the support of experts to manage your brand

Every company, regardless of its size, needs a brand management strategy and for this we will need the support of a professional who manages to add market value and a competitive advantage to our brand.

Hiring a Brand Manager is a very wise decision. This professional will be in charge of managing your brand, proposing and implementing the necessary strategies to give your product visibility and permanence in the market, applying their knowledge, among which we can highlight:

Management, coordination and execution of marketing campaigns

· Market research.

· Problem resolution.

· Product knowledge.

· Budget management.

· Analysis of campaign results.

A Brand Manager has all the necessary knowledge for brand management.

Today, brands are complex entities that change in real time, so one of the great challenges of branding is moving within the current dizzying pace to build and manage brands made to overcome the constant changes in the market.