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Amadeo Tusell - 06th julio del 2022

When faced with the endless existence of brands in today's market, it is understood that you must explore and exploit the elements of branding, to place your brand in a privileged position.

It is possible to position yourself in the preference of potential customers, managing your brand strategically, in the hands of experts who know each element included in the world of marketing, and thus lead it on the path of commercial and economic success.

It is known that customers who maintain an emotional bond with brands and their values ​​will not only prefer this one over others, but they are also more likely to recommend the use of it to other people.

Here we will highlight the characteristics of brand management that will take your product on the path to positioning it as a powerful brand.


Brand and purpose


Consumers, currently, expect from their brands something beyond the implicit job and function. They are always on the lookout to find a connection with the values ​​and principles that govern their existence.

For this reason, each brand must be given a purpose, which will place it as a source of inspiration for its consumers.

Providing happiness, achieving an ideal life, cleaning the world, are examples of what a purpose can be beyond consumption as such to satisfy an immediate need.

Choose a purpose and you will be able to connect with those who are inspired by that same idea.




This is the most outstanding element of a brand. It is that word that will forever identify a product and value.

Designing the brand name must follow a detailed study to make it unique, with a lot of presence, and above all considerations, it manages to convey the values ​​and essence of the brand.

A high percentage of consumers make their purchase based, initially, on the name or brand that identifies the product, preferring it over others with similar characteristics.




This is the symbol that we automatically associate with the name or brand of a product.

It must be able to identify the product visually and remotely and remain in the consumer's mind in order to mark preferences.

This drawing or symbol becomes the automatic reminder of the brand to the point where the letters of the name do not have to be specified to achieve recognition.




Accompanying the image of the logo, the colors that will represent the brand come into play.

The appropriate and successful selection of a particular color and tone can make your brand in connection and recognition, with a greater number of people.

Relating the color to a value or sensation can influence in a right way, when it comes to evoking the product. We recommend studying the connection between colors and emotions, prior to selecting the color of your brand.




That phrase that accompanies the brand and summarizes the set of values ​​that represent it, inspires its consumers and keeps them connected to the product.

Immediately relating a symbol to the words that make up its slogan is a powerful weapon in the minds of the potential consumer.

The perfect example that illustrates this element is the phrase “Red Bull gives you wings”, from the famous energy drink.

It must have the power to take you to the moment of enjoying the product, just by listening to the phrase.

The most enduring slogan in the minds of consumers is that catchy, short, jovial and direct.




The characteristics of the product, which are perceived through the senses, are the most used by experts in brand management, to stay in the mind and preference of each consumer.

Remembering the softness of a slice of bread or the smell of chewing gum are elements that will make you look for one product over others.

Using these characteristics in the logo, or descriptive phrase of the product are tactics that are very successful. The brand of a product is sensorial, it is an incredibly high percentage.


Audible Branding


In the same way that an image becomes an identifying logo of a product, songs or sounds are also used to identify a brand of a product.

A melody, tone of voice and even a whistle can evoke a particular product, if used in the right way.

This element of branding is one of those that lasts the longest in the unconscious of consumers, making the connection between the client and the brand truly strong.


Objectives that your brand should pursue


The brand of your product should always pursue the achievement of a reputation and memorable trajectory, over the years.

It must have an unconscious and positive impact on the minds of consumers.

Above all, you must earn the trust of all those who consume the product.

Only in this way is the loyalty of each client achieved, making your brand a truly powerful brand.