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Amadeo Tusell - 06th september 2022

Today the market is precisely saturated, indicating the difference compared to the competition at such moments is of capital importance, because it directly involves our reality of the brand.


Your brand has to distinguish itself from others in order to achieve the goals you pursue as an organization, and the best way to do it is to produce a correct and coherent message to the buyer to transmit your values and company attributes that grant you said difference and endow you own personality.


This identity that is made every day must be done in accordance with the values that your company has, because this image that it transmits will help you to awaken in the public an attitude that has the enormous power to highlight your brand with certain intangible values such as credibility, honesty, quality... which will allow you to distinguish.

You must constantly be honest and transparent with your consumers and maintain a logical and consistent interaction with the values you want to highlight, lying about them will never help you, therefore you must continually transmit a message in accordance with all the points of view that define your brand and manifest as is how you want to be observed.


All Branding tactics should be designed and made for the brand in a specific way, you must ask yourself and be clear about where your organization is and where you want it to be, and more than anything it is important to know who you are as an organization and how your public sees you in today and how you want to be seen.

Answering each of these questions is necessary to be able to establish the tactic that you must adopt, clearly marking all the points of view that have the possibility of improving to reach the objective set as a brand.-


The importance of Social Networks for Branding


Once customers think of your brand, they have to associate it with its distinctive attributes and properties in front of your participants. In a way, we are talking about getting into the minds of users, in such a way that once they think of your brand, they automatically associate it with the values that you have decided to constitute it.


We are talking about using Social Networks in order to conceptualize and enhance the differentiating values that your brand has, those that give it relevance, and that allow you to reach your consumers with a clear message.


Social Networks are a changing ecosystem, in which each network has its own characteristics, and each profile an exclusive and interconnected community that interacts with each other in different ways.


This changing characteristic makes it impossible for there to be an exclusive formula to be able to make optimal Branding, but instead each brand, depending on its own nature and its purposes, should develop its own tactic.


It is interesting to verify certain statistical data to better understand the scope and effect of Social Networks among users.

It is known that 84% of Internet users enter Social Networks, dedicating 27% of the time they are there to them. Also, 74% of the users of Social Networks consider that these are a trusted means to go to make a choice about the purchase of a product or service and 60% of customers interact with at least one brand in social networks.


It should be considered that all these percentages increase in the midst of the younger generations, demonstrating that 89% of individuals between 18 and 30 years of age have an active presence in the networks and that 63% of millennials say they keep up to date. about brands through networks.


Data without a doubt to consider if you still doubt the need for your organization to have a presence in the networks, this being also a substantial section in your business card as a brand, because through them you will be able to generate said identity differentiated and powerful that you are looking for.


Social networks and brand positioning: a winning duo

The first thing you should know to be successful with the following tips is that you do not need to produce an official account for your brand in each of the social networks, only in the most famous and, above all, in which your target audience uses many. times. The second thing is to conceptualize your target, target audience or buyer persona. The third thing, even if you already know who you are addressing, do not forget the rest of the individuals, there will always be some probability of commercialization.


Define a theme

Conceptualizing the theme of your content is the key to your success in social networks.


Publish valuable content on social networks

When you want to position a brand on social networks, it is essential to produce content for each segment of your audience. Before producing and placing content on social networks, we must carry out an in-depth study on the tastes, priorities and needs of the community, it is essential to have all the information.


Segment your audience

Before carrying out a marketing plan, we must conceptualize our potential buyer.

Once you have determined your potential buyer, you must learn and examine the different social networks, their management and what type of users interact with each one.


Work on your brand

It is essential for any business that seeks to place itself in social networks, to work on the image that it wishes to project to its society.

In short, a well-positioned brand in social networks makes it possible to gain credibility and trust thanks to the bond it has with recent consumers and also with potential prospects.

Your brand can obtain huge benefits in terms of fame if it is positioned effectively on social networks.