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Amadeo Tusell - 06th september 2022

Digital branding is the strategic and innovative management that is done in digital media to build the identity of a brand and make it important, different and sustainable.


Perhaps you have already heard about digital branding and you are wondering what it is and how it is different from “dry” branding. And it is that we have not finished knowing an issue once new ones emerge.


It seems that keeping up with this marketing thing is becoming more and more complex, right?


The world we prepare for professionally has changed (and will continue to do so), so we must not only be learning over and over again, but we must also build brands that are strong enough to stay current in the face of those changes.


What is digital branding?


To answer, I first need to clarify the difference between marketing and branding:


Marketing or marketing practically seeks to detect needs and satisfy them through products and services. Its objective is to develop tactics that bring those products and services closer to individuals, generating sales. In this way, digital marketing encompasses each of the activities focused on this purpose that are granted in the digital field.


Support marketing tactics; however, its purpose is to generate and manage brands that communicate the values of the companies and connect with the population. It is so much more than a logo and a slogan.


The concept "digital branding" is simply a way of mentioning that branding as we know it evolved, because today there are other scenarios for brands, in addition to the classic ones. Digital scenarios that involve deeper interactions between brands and people.


  Those scenarios or new points of view of contact are diverse and never stop being created. Social media, content marketing, and digital advertising are just a few of them. Said complement each other and are linked, they work to be able to achieve different purposes, be they branding or marketing (which also go hand in hand).


Why is digital branding so essential?


Brand building is a substantial job for any company (more than most imagine). Many managers and marketing directors think that having a great product or service is enough. However, although it is fundamental, it is not only what matters.


Individuals do not "fall in love" with a product, they fall in love with what the brand stands for.


Humans are in a constant search for meaning, and the consumption of products and services is a way of achieving it. Today we are surrounded by information, there are a huge number of brands that yearn to get our attention and only those that are deeply rooted in our minds and hearts get it. For this reason, branding is now more relevant than ever.


Digital media provide us with immense ways to connect with the population, because they allow us to talk to users, listen to them, and build with them.


What should I consider to develop a digital branding plan?


Think about people, not screens

In digital branding, as in content marketing, the focus is the population. We talk about generating cost by teaching them something, offering them valuable information or even entertaining them. Be suspicious of how you are going to do this through the various aspects of contact, both on and offline.


Define media

Only some of the brands have to be on all platforms. To make this choice, you must think about the customer: where they are, what they do for fun, how they get information, etc.


Don't talk so much about yourself

Personally, I am not at all fascinated by the population that talks and talks about how wonderful their story is without even asking how they are doing. The same goes for brands, we like those that share interests with ourselves and care about listening to us and making our lives a little better.


Consistency and flexibility

A brand should have well-defined values that adapt naturally to various media. Everything you do will speak to your brand, from a video clip on YouTube to the way you answer a question.


Therefore, investigate

It is the best way to know your audience and provide cost. As an example, Netflix investigates what its users see, where and at what time, which gives it inputs to provide important content that generates true connections with the population.


You must be alert

This is a world of quick responses. If someone asks you a question on social media, respond quickly. If something happens on the planet that's important to your audience, guess what? Answer fast.


Be transparent

Sooner or later everything is known, and more in a digital world. For that reason, be careful what you promise, lest it turn against you.



"Immortal" brands are not fixed, they reinvent themselves and learn from the population. Don't be afraid to listen to your users and produce with them. You may be surprised.


As we see in terms of branding and marketing nothing is written. For that reason, never assume that you already know each of them, the best reaction you can take is to be curious and learn again and again.


Likewise, brands are also a work in progress. Keep in mind that yours has strong foundations, bases that go beyond what is useful and are deeply linked to individuals. Ask yourself what your brand thinks and how it helps the population to improve its story.


Only in this way will you have the possibility to know how to talk to them and offer them cost during the various contact points of view.


I hope this information is effective for you and helps you develop a brand that will last a lifetime in the hearts and minds of your customers.