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Amadeo Tusell - 06th septembre 2022

When building your brand strategy, the most appropriate thing is to have everything under control, and avoid errors that are basic, but that are sometimes overlooked.


Errors that can be avoided in your brand strategy


Not knowing your customers thoroughly

The times in which a product/service was aimed at people who responded to changing socio-demographic factors such as sex, age or social status are over.


The fierce competition in today's market forces brands to establish strong emotional ties with their customers and for that they need to know them thoroughly.


Although it is hard to believe, there are brands that do not investigate what their ideal consumers or Buyer Personas are like: they do not know how they consider, how they feel and, most importantly, how they buy.


Being clear about what your consumers are like and how they behave throughout their purchase process is the first step to getting your brand tactic right. Brands that do not dedicate time to it are not going to be able to connect with their consumers, or if they do, they run the risk of it being eventual.


Not clear who you are

A wrong definition and expression of who you are is one of the most important failures that usually occur in building a brand.


There are brands that do not know why they do what they do and are not capable of conceptualizing their own essence on which they build.


For example, how many varieties of your product has Coca-Cola launched on the market? Original, Light, Zero, Cherry... Each one has its own peculiarity that gives rise to different products. However, all of them are capable of functioning as one, while still reflecting the essence of the brand.


Something that seems simple, but is not at all. Here you have a small sample.


Not reflecting a clear and coherent reaction

The essence of your brand should be associated with a clear and consistent reaction that customers want to join. And this reaction should be reflected in each of your activities, from the packaging or decoration of your business premises to your advertising messages.


A fairly recurring mistake in branding tactics is that they revolve around the benefits of a product or service instead of the brand's reaction.


And yet, this reaction will be the one that manages to create an emotional kinship between brand and consumer, for that reason it is what you should focus on.


We never tire of repeating it: today's branding should ensure that there is coherence between the reaction of a brand and its choices, behaviors and communications.


No define brand goals

Once you define the branding tactic, whether it is for a new brand or an existing one, you need to set the goals that are intended to be achieved with said tactic. Without stated goals, there is no chance of measuring the results or knowing if the tactic is contributing to their achievement or not.


Not doing a periodic study on your condition

Another of the most frequently made mistakes in branding tactics is not following up so that you can closely examine your health status.


Since just as the diversity of commercial environments and marketing purposes prevent the existence of universal standards for producing brands, the only common denominator for each of them is that they will go through good times and not so good times.


Periodically scanning its condition is the only way to be able to take correct measures in time to improve it, once it is at risk.


There are plenty of ways to gauge whether your brand's status calls for a change of tack. Examining sales, learning customer behavior, monitoring its fame or quantifying its financial cost over time, allow us to know if a brand is going through its best moment or not.


Inappropriate company-client interaction

With the evolution and growth of the possible means of communication between company-client, the establishment of more lasting and useful collaborations for both parties is allowed. Therefore you must take care of that interaction allowing feedback.


Setting wrong and unattainable promises

You must pay particular attention to this type of event, since the company has to communicate a real brand image and make it possible to disseminate its values, which it is understood that it shares with the products/services that it contains under such designation.


By the way, feeling cheated is never going to attract a buyer, since through word of mouth or other means, credibility and trust in the brand can be powerfully influenced. For this reason, avoid promises that the product cannot fulfill, as this will negatively affect the brand.


Surely, if you avoid making these mistakes, your brand strategy will work successfully.