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Amadeo Tusell - 06th september 2022

Managing a brand to achieve recognition within a specific purchasing sector, obtaining the desired image in the buyer's mind, is an arduous task.


Penetrating the feelings of this sector, you need to perform certain actions, which are related to the purpose, values and the place where you want to position... These actions are within the field of brand management, or branding strategies.


Consumers around the world put pressure on different companies to carefully plan and design each element of their brand management.


Only in this way can they position themselves within the preferences in each place, since this result does not occur by itself as a casual act.




The management and planning of strategies to achieve the best performance and positioning of it, is summarized in branding.


Creating and managing the different elements of the brand, to get the best perception in the minds of consumers, is the main reason that marketers deal with.


The ultimate goal is always to maximize visibility, while positioning the company's reputation in the highest place.


Seeking to differentiate your brand from others in the market will result in an unmatched presence in the minds of consumers, who themselves will become advertising agents, explaining why they choose your brand and not another.


Brand managment


The placement of a brand in a preferential place within the emotions of consumers is as complex as the minds of each one of them.


Hence, it is necessary to involve different actors, media and advertising, marketing specialists, suppliers, and other agents.


It is not, at any time, the task of a single person, but of a true team, which encompasses different disciplines.


Achieving the ultimate goal involves understanding and promoting the company's personality, the values it will transmit, and the way it wants to be perceived.


Decisive elements within a brand are the purpose it sustains, the attributes it possesses, and the positioning it wishes to obtain.


Sustained purpose


The purpose of your company and brand is not another reason why it was created,


Thinking about the reasons why a certain brand was created, what is the objective that was pursued, with the creation of this, are the questions that will lead you to specify what is the purpose of your brand.


In a common way, the purpose can be found as a small phrase that is presented next to the logo of your brand, and that ends up being the motto of it.


It is not always clear what the purpose of a brand is from the beginning of its creation. It often manages to have certainty and presence of this purpose, over the years, and the affirmation of the brand in the commercial world.


It is easy to locate the purpose of a brand, by digging into the mind of the consumer to specify the reasons why they connect with your product or company.


Brand attributes


The attributes of a brand are those characteristics that are part of its operation, the way it communicates its essence, and the way it performs in the competitive business world.


They include all those values of your brand, which change over time, and constitute its essence, specifying the path of the brand through time and different eras.


Search for positioning


The positioning of your brand is understood and delimited in the market space that you want your brand to occupy, with the sector to which it is directed and the reach that it will obtain.


The location of your brand within the breadth of markets may be based on a paradigm shift, or innovation in the sector in which it is located.


Making a difference, or offering a different solution to the conventional one, is a way of positioning yourself in the preference of consumers.


Innovation, as a change associated with updating the market and its consumers, is within the search for a good positioning.


But everything does not stop there, you can also look for a place in the market, competing within a sector in which solutions similar to the one offered by your brand abound.


Competing by showing diversity of qualities, to penetrate the minds of each consumer, is also a way to seek preferential positioning.


Having a good team that is in charge of managing your brand, managing to present some attractive qualities, is vital for your company.


Highlighting differentiating characteristics with respect to other existing brands, and taking care of the image and perception of the product, is essential for the success of the products.


Being able to locate the customers who prefer your brand is essential to take branding strategies on the right track, and you will only achieve this through the strategies of a good marketing campaign, hand in hand with experts.