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Amadeo Tusell - 06th september 2022

Outdoor advertising has consistently had enormous impact, coverage, awareness and storytelling. What is new now is that it also produces content thanks to the complementarity with other media.


Today we are going to see some of the most creative examples of the mixture of 2 formats: outdoor advertising and digital advertising. And it is that once creativity is transversal, the term goes beyond the graphic and the creative modalities are increased, as well as its relevance in the strategic plans of the brands.


The stat: Smartphone searches have long surpassed desktop searches. And half of those searches from mobile are caused by an effect of everyone disconnected.


Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the external and digital mix works so well. By the way, well over half of millennials look at their phone well over 10 times at a time. Good environment to increase investment in digital and bet on outdoor advertising.


Be that as it may, the most important thing is to continually examine who your audience is, what media they consume and how to propose a plan that optimizes investment.


For that, it is necessary to consider the message, the audience, the tone and the channel, since they are the main points that differentiate the disconnected cosmos from the online one.


A multi-channel plan enables brands to use online platforms


Although digital marketing is a reality in the market, we must not forget that, simultaneously, offline advertising continues to have a gigantic effect on customers.


Therefore, a multi-channel plan enables brands to use online and offline platforms in a combined way.


Marketing campaigns designed comprehensively for more than one media outlet have been proven to work better and have greater reach.


This happens more than anything if the innovative initiative is capable of making the most of each of the modalities of the medium and ensuring that the messages complement and help each other. Thus it is possible to produce an exclusive perception.


Main objective of multichannel advertising


As soon as multi-channel marketing or advertising is concerned, there are quite easy ends that have to be obtained. The important goal is to ensure that the campaign reaches the target audience, regardless of the channel or medium used.


Audiences could be drawn to any of the various channels, to much more than one, or even to all of them, resulting in a full perceptual experience of that ad campaign.


Apart from the scope, the purpose of this tactic is to give diverse perceptions that lead to the consumption of a certain brand, product or service.


Once an advertising campaign is announced on different channels, brands or organizations make certain adjustments so that, for example, the publication of an advertisement on Instagram is impressive, likewise in a street advertisement.


No matter at what time or through which channels the advertising is going to be seen by the consumer, what is really fundamental is that it is able to wake up and achieve the perception and effect that is wanted.


In this way, as important as doing the analysis of various channels is maintaining the identity and aesthetics of that advertising tactic.


These points are essential to create a solid multichannel advertising campaign, which can be easily extended to anyone from the different advertising platforms.


Carrying out all the necessary adjustments, products, brands or services have the possibility of developing a vast marketing plan, with the function of creating good results, attracting audiences and customers for a long time and anywhere.


In the relationship is the key


Multi-channel joining is quite effective in ensuring that the message is coherent and consistent with the brand image in all media.


We are talking about combining everything that makes common outdoor advertising possible with everything that implies reinforcing the existence of the message on mobile devices.


In addition, the foreign and digital conjunction not only fosters the relationship between advertiser and audience, favoring memory, notoriety and brand reasoning, but also makes it possible to gather important information from users.


The purpose is to achieve a high recall rate and cause a direct impact on the public, as well as a gigantic consequence in earned media.


Campaigns that combine outdoor and digital therefore achieve a double effect for the advertising action. The only essential thing is that the initiative be surprising.


In this way it will be easier to amplify the message by making it go from the street to social networks.


In an increasingly digitized world, outdoor advertising has also been digitized, resulting in Digital Out Of Home Advertising (DOOH) that makes it possible to carry out personalized campaigns and in real time, that is, programmatic advertising.


In this way we have the possibility of adding and adapting videos, interactive ads, QR codes, which interact with their environment and with the public.


In this way, a brand can combine outdoor advertising with a mobile advertising campaign, interacting with the smartphones and tablets of individuals who pass by the screens. For example, a warm clothing brand can automatically activate campaigns as soon as the temperature drops.


Outdoor and digital advertising: are they the perfect couple?


Successfully combining outdoor advertising and digital advertising is not simple; however, as we have observed in the previous examples, once it is done in an innovative way, results are achieved.


Campaigns that combine outdoor plus digital are enormously effective, which is why they have become the object of desire for many brands. These are its main advantages:


  • Improves the brand image

  • Generate effect

  • Allows you to customize messages

  • Allows the relationship, the public is connected and shares in RRSS


Make sure that the media are not mutually exclusive, but that there is a link of alliance between them that causes them to complement each other and improve their results once they are strategically coordinated. Connecting them with coherence, success and creativity is our deep point as an advertising agency.