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Amadeo Tusell - 06th september 2022

Currently, almost 90% of customers use 2 devices at the same time. The key is to discover the moments to capture their attention and convert them into your buyer.


Let's be imaginative. How does combining the storytelling probability of offline advertising with the multiplication of online traffic sound? This is multichannel advertising. Today we show you how to implement it step by step.


Multichannel advertising is a strategy that relies on fully mixing various channels to promote our message. In other words, it is the perfect broth to boost the visibility and conversions of our brand.


The progress of digital was key to providing a positive expansion in the number of channels in which a marketing plan can be disseminated. Hence, this strategy enables brands to use online and offline platforms simultaneously, such as:


• Radio

• Social media

• TV

• Websites

• Email

• Printed media

• Conversational channels such as WhatsApp or Messenger


The triumph behind multichannel advertising


Currently, 88% of individuals watch television with a second -or third- device in their hands, be it a laptop, cell phone or tablet.


That is a key moment to catch the attention of your viewers or your competition.

Companies that experiment with multi-screen strategies see an average return on their investment of almost 300%.


But what are the positive results of multichannel advertising?


• Tell comprehensive stories across multiple screens

• Take advantage of your competition's ads

• Present your brand on the site, instantly and to the ideal audience

Capture viewers looking for additional information about your products through their other devices


Tips for carrying out multichannel advertising


Uniform design; however, diverse

The advertising parts, the formats, the designs that you use in your tactic have to be different from each other.


While your message should be consistent, the consumer changes depending on the device.

To avoid colliding with your parts and having a negative experience, adapt them to all media with versatility.


Aim high

We saw earlier that users have the ability to touch multiple channels before finalizing a purchase. The average is 4 to 6 channels before even showing you their portfolio.


You must continuously prepare it so that anyone is the channel, finalizes their purchase.


Remember that if your consumer leaves the place, be it a social network or your website, where they were viewing your content, they will possibly forget you and give up.


Embed your message efficiently and often work on the close rate.


Multichannel is not boring

Take advantage of the benefits of using various devices and create eye-catching ads.


Did you know that at least 6 out of 10 people are drawn to engaging content that they can consume on portable devices, since they don't have the time to use desktop PCs?


Think mobile phones

This point is closely related to the previous one, however, currently multichannel advertising is considered with mobile phones, since 8 out of 10 users will see it from their smartphone.s


More Google studies also conclude that 85% of users make a final purchase choice through smartphones.



And how do we understand all this…?


Base your choices on data

Individually, offline and online advertising generate an overwhelming proportion of information. For this, there is data marketing.


Just think about the KPIs of a lifetime. They are so different that once we talk about multi-channel advertising we can feel a bit lost, and what if we are navigating in a real sea of data?


Clicks, likes, transactions in marketing aspects, products in a shopping cart. However, the instruments evolve along with machine learning, becoming engines capable of examining millions of records, in real time.


As an example, did you know that to capture your interests, tastes and behaviors, Facebook examines well over 15,000 changes and through it, advertising impacts you on its social networks?


Now imagine the probability of automating processes, monumental data sets in real time, generating real profiles of your customers or making a drawing of the path that circulates towards the purchase of a product.


Keep up a breakneck pace

According to studies, 60% of online customers do not have much more than 5 seconds available to view your content.


Another investigation, again from Google, called "Consumers in the Micro-Moment" defines that customers make choices more quickly due to the amount of information to which they are subjected.



How to achieve it?


They are seconds in which a customer opts or not for the products they view. The challenge is to maximize the cost of your activities whenever possible.


Finally we see how we should use multichannel advertising to maximize the effects of our marketing campaigns and take advantage of the available channels.