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Amadeo Tusell - 28th december 2022

Starting in 1450, a fundamental step was taken in the area of graphic arts, the construction of the printing press. At present we have the possibility of discovering digital printing, which has been achieved due to modernizations and technological progress.


The processes necessary to do a job have been limited, due to the new technologies, which made the term art make an allusion to the graphic design that it has and not to the technique with which it was made.


Digital printing is a process that includes printing a digital document onto paper, directly, using a toner.


One of its main advantages is that the work is done in short or almost immediate periods, a drying period is not necessary for the inks and it also gives a larger destroyed and professional finish.


Digital printing is one of the main trends in the packaging market. Brands see in this kind of printing, a gigantic possibility to achieve a usable, comfortable and comfortable packaging.


In addition, various studies ensure that the packaging of a product harms, in a fairly high percentage, the purchase choice of customers. For this reason, it is essential to protect the packaging design, personalizing it and betting on an original approach that differs from other brands. Precisely, the fact of being able to customize the container to the largest is one of the main advantages of digital printing compared to conventional technologies.


Digital packaging printing, a booming segment


There is more and more digital printing applied to packaging since it is one of the main tools with which organizations build their brand identity.


Its importance at the point of sale is great, because it is the first thing the consumer sees. The packaging influences the decision-making with its ability to communicate and attract the target audience.


According to professionals, the purchase choice is constantly inspired by the sensations and emotions that the packaging transmits.

A design that meets consumer expectations helps produce a successful shopping experience and, consequently, improve sales figures.


Digital packaging printing, a booming segment, bearing in mind the power of packaging to capture.


Currently, 40% of universal digital print production corresponds to labels and packaging. Future forecasts point to an annual growth rate of 20% until 2024 in the universal market for digital packaging and label printing.


The union of the new technologies in the production process serves to offer a step further: to achieve a truly personalized print with common design changes while optimizing costs.


Digital packaging printing makes it possible to make short runs, with which brands have the possibility of immediately adapting to the demands of customers in a market as changing as today's.


This versatility means that digital printing is generating new value and a huge increase with minimal danger and cost.


Advantages of digital printing


Digital techniques allow printing on demand with a great reduction in costs and waste. Also I know

opens the door to the customization of packaging, which accommodates an increasingly heterogeneous profile of the consumer.


Printing on demand or in short runs brings monumental benefits to the sector, to brands and to society, generally:

• It is more respectful with the environment, since unused packaging is prevented.

• It is more economical, because they have the possibility of printing only the essential units

• It makes it possible to make quick design changes without adding unnecessary stock.

• Decreases waiting times to bring the products to the point of sale.

• Helps standardize supply chains.

• It enables the personalization of the containers, making them more attractive to the consumer.


Digital printing makes it possible to personalize the products to be stored. You will have the possibility to achieve a magnificent appearance, choosing different results at a variable degree of printing.


If you have several ranges of the same product, you will have the possibility of making the consumer differentiate them immediately, choosing a type of design or color for each plurality.


Digital printing for packaging comes together in labels, cartons and flexible packaging, especially due to the good results they give on the shelves.


And it is that this technique stands out from the rest for its greater flexibility, providing monumental advantages for short runs and also, since it can be customized to make a difference from the rest of the participants.


In short, digital packaging printing creates new opportunities for printers and brands. And, as if this were not enough, the ecological and economic repercussions are fully positive.