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Amadeo Tusell - january 30 of 2023

Currently, the concept of positioning is very present. If I asked you five brands to tell me what value they convey to you, would you tell me the first thing that came to mind from your past experiences, or from the publicity you've received over the years?


Brand positioning consists of giving your brand personality so that it occupies a certain place in the minds of consumers. Every company or business tries to ensure that the consumer's mental perception of its brand is positive and occupies a privileged place, that is, when making a purchase decision, the brand becomes the first option,


Put this way, it doesn't sound like a very complicated process. However, getting the ideal position right and remembering it by your target audience makes the task difficult. That is why it is very important to carry out a prior analysis to see what our audiences value the most, and what they are constantly and coherently aligned with what we want to convey.


The value of social networks to position your brand

A well-positioned brand on social networks allows you to gain credibility and trust thanks to the links you have with current customers, as well as potential prospects.


Social networks have become one of the main tools for brand positioning.


Your brand can benefit a lot in terms of reputation by positioning itself effectively on social media. Each social network is different and so is your position within it.


The strategy to achieve this will depend on your target brand. At a time when the majority of the population is aware of the information that appears on social networks, it is important to create a strategy to position your brand in these media.


We all know that the use of social networks improves the success of our business today. It has the advantage that it is an excellent digital marketing tool at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.


Although in marketing we do not have a magic formula for success, there are key points to position your brand, image, product or service on social networks, to generate a loyalty link with your audience.

Today, there are many brands that have good marketing strategies on social networks and make a difference in consumer purchasing decisions, due to the bonds of trust and loyalty.


Social networks and brand positioning: the winning duo

The first thing you should know to be successful with these tips is that it is not necessary to create an official account for your brand on all social networks, only on the most popular ones and especially those that your target audience uses frequently.


The second thing is to define your target, public, objective or buyer personas. Third, even if you already know who you are targeting, don't forget about other people, there will always be a chance to get more clients. Another important point is to consider your mistakes, they are human.


Finally, create relevant and valuable content.

1. Decide on a theme: Defining the theme of your content is the key to your success on social networks. Brands today focus on posting content related only to their brand or, in very special cases, they go to the extreme and post irrelevant content, losing professionalism and credibility. The best thing is that you only offer valuable content that is likely to interest consumers.


2. Publish valuable content on social channels: Content strategies on social networks are becoming stronger, becoming an important element when it comes to positioning your company.

When you want to position your brand on social networks, it is important to produce content for each segment of your audience. Before creating and placing content on social networks, we must carry out a deep analysis of the tastes, characteristics and needs of the community, it is important to have all the information..


3. Segment your audience: Before carrying out a marketing strategy, we must very clearly define our potential customers with the following questions: What niche profile do you want to target? What are their needs? have? And what is its geographical location?

Once you have determined your potential customers, you must study and analyze the different social networks, how they work and what types of users interact with each one.

Today it is very difficult for someone to be active on all social networks, so it is very important that you have accounts on more than 2 channels in order to capture the largest possible audience and make your brand known.


4. Work on your brand: It is very important that any business that wants to position itself on social networks works on the image it wants to project to its community.

To work on your brand, you must be clear about the following factors: What do I want to project with my brand? Why do I want to position myself on social networks? What goals do I want to achieve with my brand? What content of interest can I offer my audience? What are the values of my business or brand? What will my audience profile be like? How can I communicate what I want?


In short, it is very important that companies get professional support from agencies with experience in developing strong communication strategies. So they can be more efficient in the digital world. As we saw, social networks are an excellent tool to position your brand, as long as they are used appropriately.