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Amadeo Tusell - january 30 of  2023

When mentioning the key elements that make up the marketing associated with a product and that are decisive in its success in the market, packaging is one of the fundamental ones.

Although at first glance it can be defined only as the packaging or presentation of the product, it is a relevant aspect, thanks to the power of communication it possesses. It is so significant that it is capable of attracting the attention of the potential user and retaining it.

Marketing experts put all their effort, knowledge and strategies into making it a differentiating element of the brand, compared to the competition. In this sense, when the objective is achieved, the client is hooked with the product.

In other words, the packaging has the function of protecting and conserving the product that it contains, providing facilities for transporting it and, of course, managing to hook the consumer, in such a way that they get him to buy this and not another or similar product.

This is the essential reason that denotes the importance given to design and other strategies to capture the attention of customers.


What are the main types of packaging?

primary packaging

In this case, we are talking about those containers that are in direct contact with the product, that is, that contain it.

It can be for products as dissimilar as a carton of milk, a bottle of beer or the container that shows a lipstick, among many other examples. It fulfills the task of protecting, conserving or sustaining the product.


Secondary Packaging

In the second category, within the classification of packaging types, are those that contain several similar products.

If we link it to the previous point, they would be the ones that wrap the beer packs where the lipsticks are contained.

It differs from the primary, because it deals with covers that are made of a single element. Its main characteristic is to group several pieces of the same product in a single container.


Tertiary Packaging

This third and last level includes the boxes where the products are transported or stored.

In this order of ideas, its primary task is to protect and give greater visibility to the brand image. Cardboard ones can be mentioned among the most used and, on the other hand, a basic characteristic is that they are invariably personalized.


Main characteristics that are reveal that we are dealing with a good packaging

Although there are different features that are essential when developing a good packaging strategy, we can mention 4 that represent a guarantee of success.


Clear creative concept

Above all, it must be an original design. In this sense, the ideal is that the design itself contains a story, in such a way that it can be easily installed in the consumer's memory. By achieving this goal, the success of the strategy has been achieved.


Sustainable design

Every day it becomes more important to generate relationships in all areas that maintain a relationship of harmony and respect for the environment.


In this sense, it is essential that the tools and the entire packaging process revolve around respect for the ecosystem.


In this aspect, it is fundamentally about the use of recycled materials or those that can be recyclable.


On the other hand, the use of natural packaging for the product itself or the use of the least amount of plastic or other harmful waste are the best indicators that it is a brand that has understood the importance of maintaining respect for the planet.

In this sense, these actions significantly improve the image of the brand before the consumer.


Attractive appearance

As a marketing tool, a basic characteristic that packaging must fulfill is that, in addition to providing adequate protection to the product it contains, it must at the same time show an aspect that is attractive to the consumer.

To achieve this, colors, designs and even textures are used that are an experience for the senses.


Extra function

In the case of the most sophisticated packaging, it seeks to achieve a double function, which means that it must offer a way for the client to obtain a second chance of uses for the containers.


By way of conclusion, packaging can be defined as the presentation letter of a product. In this sense, in addition to the obvious mission of protecting the aforementioned product, it must have an impressive design to captivate the public.


Of course, to achieve this goal, marketing experts must know very well both the product and the audience to which it is directed.