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Amadeo Tusell - 30 de enero del 2023

Packaging is a term of English origin, which means packaging or packaging. It is used to contain, protect and move the products. However, in the world of marketing it is known that the packaging is, without a doubt, the first vision of the product, when it is on the shelf.

The attractiveness of a package, the details that comprise a certain design and material, define the purchase intention of the final consumer.

It must differentiate the product from the other existing ones, and communicate not only its data, but also the values of the brand.

In this sense, we are increasingly aware of the use of recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials to contain the different products on the market.

Identifying your product with the conservation trend, creates the necessary connection with an increasingly large consumer audience

In the world of packaging we find a great current trend in packaging made of material, and with sustainable techniques. We must start these lines by defining sustainability as a concept, and that is that there is much talk about the sustainability over time of a product or material in special, without fully knowing what it is.


Sustainability and sustainability

Both terms imply acts of recycling, and a better use of resources, while obtaining them without causing damage to the environment or natural resources.

Being able to obtain these materials over time, without causing harm to the environment, and obtaining the benefit of all, is the end of sustainability.


Sustainable packaging

So we understand that a package is sustainable when at the end of its purpose, that is, when the product it contains is finished, it does not become just another waste in the trash, but is ready to start a recycling process, and return to be raw material, for another process.

This trend of packaging, which is kind to the environment, is based on the demand of responsible consumers and committed to the conservation of the planet.


Business commitment

In the search for a sustainable packaging, the production company must be aligned with the conservation of the environment.

They must be using labeling processes with vegetable ink, saving water and electricity, that their waste is totally clean before returning to the environment, and many other environmental collaborations.


The packaging

We are very clear that the packaging of a product exceeds the function of containing it, but rather that it is really about the identity of the product, becoming the reason why the consumer chooses to select it in an environment where products abound. Similar.

In this sense, the brands intend to stand out, and make it clear that their brand has a clear alignment with environmental conservation, committing to the use of materials, the use of which does not compromise the future of generations.

You can identify a sustainable packaging, when you notice that it has little weight, since it shows the use of less raw material in its preparation.

In the same way, we observe that they generally use few materials, or almost generally only one, since this facilitates the recycling process, once its use has been completed.

They also use biodegradable materials, to prevent them from being accumulated as garbage for many years.


Advantages for the consumer and for the company

In addition to the advantages of collaborating with the maintenance of the environment in which we operate, guaranteeing a clean future, with less and less polluting waste, there are also advantages in the world of marketing. Clearly identifying the company that produces them in a positive way.

The company that uses sustainable packaging for its products is identified as an organization with great social responsibility.

The design of sustainable packaging points to easier handling when transporting the product.

He shows great interest in the company, in conserving the planet, while taking care of the quality of the products he offers.

All these functions and characteristics make them win, more and more, a greater number of consumers.



Sustainable packaging is, without a doubt, an element that makes it possible to specify the purchase intention, when compared with other products that do not use them.

In conclusion, we can tell you that using sustainable packaging is the best way to promote your product, gaining more and more ground and consumers concerned about conservation, which are currently the vast majority.

Reducing the amount of material used in each package, using recyclable or biodegradable materials are main ideas.