As a communication agency in Barcelona we make use of creating a link between the companies and brands of our clients and us, giving them all the necessary tools to be able to gain a foothold in the current market.

Apart from our communication branch, we consider ourselves a creative agency that offers innovative services in digital marketing for brands that offer different and powerful ideas.

In other words, we are experts in creating any type of branding for your company, as we understand that each of us has a specific specialty. In the case of Little Studio, this is to generate a brand; forge a style; execute a single vision.




As a communication agency in Barcelona, ​​at Stwo we propose to design all kinds of communication and promotional material for your company, along with visual support for your products and brands that you want to incorporate into the market.

We apply this philosophy both in an online and traditional context, because we understand that, in some cases, one can provide feedback to the other.

To do this we use six very specific strategies:

Branding: the creation and promotion of personalized branding is essential so that your brand can make a name for itself in a market full of possibilities. This methodology must be applied both in the communicative field and in the point of sale of your company.

Packaging: at Little Studio we believe that if you sell a product, do it in an elegant and attractive way.


The packaging is, basically, the box or packaging in which your product will reach the hands of your target customer. Such presentation, like a Bluray collector's edition, can attract many buyers simply because of how it is presented.


Structural: Based on our packaging plan, we are dedicated to creating new volumetric models to send the specific product. We use from glass, totally sustainable materials, because we must always avoid the overproduction of toxic materials or materials with properties that are not biodegradable.


Retail: in this field we make use of producing different visually attractive and innovative constructions so that, if you want to put a shelf at a fair or event, you will stand out at first sight. As if that were not enough, we can design this unique space for any part of Europe.


Communication: as a communication agency, we dedicate a large part of our talent to the production of all kinds of material that allows you to transmit a voice for your company. To do this, we rely on creating visual support for all your products, both to sell them online or traditionally.


Consultancy: as if that were not enough, apart from all the services mentioned, we have a branding and packaging consultancy to be able to advise you so that you can highlight your brand and product much better.




At Stwo we are always waiting for your call or email to start working on your brand, generating a totally creative and innovative communication plan so that you can make your way in a market that always welcomes fresh and powerful ideas.

As a communication agency in Barcelona, ​​you will find all the information about us at, where we look forward to meeting you.