If there is a sector in which the most important thing is the presentation of the finished product, it is cosmetics packaging.


In other items such as food or beverages, packaging focuses more on protecting and facilitating transportation; However, in the world of cosmetics, the packaging is fundamental in the client's final decision.


At Stwo we develop a global project that goes from brand strategy to the creation of naming, visual brand, packaging, retail and communication.




In times when design and feelings are intertwined in order to obtain the best marketing result, choosing appropriate packaging for the cosmetic sector takes on notable importance. Let's not forget that we are talking about a sector that sells beauty, therefore, we reflect that in our designs and packaging.


In cosmetics, these containers are fundamental in two factors: technical and aesthetic. We know that the client will opt for a specific perfume if the container that contains it seduces them, if it is in line with what it contains inside and with what it represents. The packaging is the first impression that appears and is decisive in the final purchase decision.


If packaging is important in all products, the case of cosmetics and perfumery is special. Buyers recognize their favorite fragrance by the aesthetics of its packaging.


The aspect of packaging in cosmetics is designed in a personalized way and taking into account specific concepts such as age, gender or status.


In fact, the most prestigious cosmetic brands on the market usually invest almost a quarter of the product's budget in the packaging, as opposed to the average 4% of the final price that usually derives from the fragrance itself.




Packaging in cosmetics is the sector where creativity abounds most, since the objective is to seduce an audience whose desire is to look aesthetically good. Underlying this premise are other factors such as age, luxury or ecology.


The steps we follow at Littlestudio Barcelona to design cosmetic packaging adapted to the needs of each brand and product are:


Study what the ideal client is like

We define who we are working for. If it is a cosmetic product intended for young people or adult audiences, for a popular or luxury audience, for teenagers or for mature people concerned about the smoothness of their skin. Once the profile is identified, we work on what they are looking for in cosmetic packaging.


Brand personality

In our agency, we have a team of professional experts who will soak up the personality and history of the brand, adapting the final packaging to its values and identity.


The most important design elements that we take into account are:


Style: in order to convey what we want through packaging, we must define the tone and personality of the product. Specifying the style makes the rest of the packaging process follow the same path in search of uniformity around the transmission of the idea. It will also make it easier to decide if we need to add additional elements to the design.


The colors: our professionals will be in charge of choosing the colors that fit the personality of the cosmetic brand. They are experts in finding and capturing the detail that makes the product stand out from the competition.


Typography: it is very important to calculate how the brand's typography will look on the packaging. We make sure it is clear and easy to read. It must have the appropriate personality so that, with it, the consumer can recognize the exclusivity of the product.





Resistance: chemical to deal with the reactions of the product contained in the packaging, physical to ensure the good condition of the packaging in the face of interactions during transport and structural: knowing how to deal with phenomena such as temperature or humidity.


Airtightness: we design aesthetic packaging taking evaporation into account.


Functionality: we choose the appropriate container for each type of dispenser, making the design facilitate the use of the product.


Last but not least in cosmetics packaging, our agency is in charge of finding the most suitable material depending on the content or weight of the product.


Glass, plastic, aluminum or cardboard are some of the most used options in our packaging agency in Barcelona.