The design of beverage packaging depends on many factors: type of drink, brand identity, budget, among others.


We are aware of the importance of standing out visually to be able to sell a product successfully and that is why we have a team of professional specialists in the beverage market.


In such a competitive world, it is recommended that you have the services of a packaging design company to advise you on materials or printing.


In that case, we approach the design of beverage packaging in a personalized way, considering the individual characteristics of each client.




Currently, consumers prioritize packaging design in all their purchases, even more so in the online sphere. The customer demands elaborate and personalized packaging that meets their expectations.


Packaging is the first contact that the customer has with the brand. That is why it is essential to give you a good first impression so that you are 100% satisfied.


To achieve this, the importance of hiring a packaging agency that has experience in the different areas of packaging design is maximum. For this reason, at Stwo we guarantee solutions that cover all the needs of your product.


Let's not forget that beverage packaging has become an essential part of product development.


In many cases, customers claim that they are able to buy a product solely because of its packaging, as a result of a multitude of factors.


And, in the beverage sector, it is crucial to pay attention to functionality. Sometimes it is not easy to explain the usefulness of a beverage container, appealing to the feelings of the potential buyer, but without leaving aside practicality.




The benefits of different types of packaging are varied. To choose wisely, at our packaging design agency in Barcelona we take into consideration the production needs and the specific characteristics of each product.



We turn to this beverage packaging when we opt for the lightness and versatility of aluminum. We customize the structure and exterior of the cans with attractive designs printed on the label or on the container itself.


Of course, cans are a completely recyclable type of packaging. Its sustainability is unmatched by other products, such as plastic.


Glass bottles

We offer any beverage packaging design in this material that stands out for the quality it transmits to the consumer.

The glass also ensures greater refinement of the flavor of the drink, thanks to the stability it provides in terms of rigidity and impermeability.


Nor do we forget sustainability in this case. Glass, like aluminum, is 100% recyclable and infinite times, a factor that is highly considered by customers.


stainless steel barrels

We are talking about classic packaging in the world of beverage packaging that continues to boom thanks to its solidity and capacity. In this case, stainless steel protects the product from air and light.


As for stainless steel kegs, they are favorites in restaurants and bars due to their practicality. Another feature that makes this packaging one of the most popular is the ease of eliminating empty containers.




At Stwo Barcelona we use different keys to offer you the best beverage packaging design.


We design pictograms that offer practical information about the content of the drink. We create to give your brand a design that attracts and reinforces its personality. We study the history of your brand, its past and its future, to be able to capture it.


Contact us and we will advise you personally so that you can make your drink known in the market in the most effective way.


Take advantage of the opportunity to improve functionality (minimize breakage, ease of transport) and safety (keep drinks fresh) features.


Another fundamental factor in beverage packaging is labeling, a key element when it comes to generating an optimal image reputation for your brand.


We adequately detail our commitment to transparency and sustainability in packaging and bottles, increasing the connection between user and label.


There is no better way to surprise your customers than with an innovative and sustainable beverage packaging proposal.


In our agency we are specialized in the use of all types of materials, adapting to the demands of the market.