In an increasingly competitive market, packaging is very important. With the flourishing of e-commerce, taking care of the appearance of the packaging is essential to offer a complete experience. One of the sectors where this detail is most important is food packaging.

All countries have specific legislation to ensure that only food that is 100% safe for consumption can go on sale. And this is where food packaging becomes more relevant, to ensure that food reaches the consumer in the best conditions.




The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product from potential damage it may suffer, starting from the factory to the point of distribution.


The image of the product packaging is a key point in which the client looks: specialized companies carry out market studies to find out what is most appropriate.


Another purpose of packaging is to differentiate your brand from the rest because it contains the logo, name and colors of your company so that the customer can identify your product by standing out from the competition.


To achieve this, it is essential that you have the advice of a packaging design agency, which ensures that you can cover any type of need in terms of multidisciplinary nature.


Over the years, packaging design agencies in Barcelona have established themselves as an essential part of the marketing of any business.


At Stwo we are aware that any detail is of great importance!




There are various factors that we count on when designing a food packaging format:


Type of food: we choose the packaging material depending on the type of food.


Temperature and storage time: we believe that the higher the temperature and the longer the exposure time, the faster the migration of substances.


Proportion: we take into account the amount of food that is in contact with the packaging. The greater the quantity, the less possibility of migration.


Structure: we choose the right class and number of layers that make up the food packaging.




Our company has all the keys to packaging design:

Choose the most appropriate materials.


Storage of food for the minimum period of time at low temperature.


Storage in large quantities in the same container.





Use of cardboard: the first reason is that it is a highly recyclable material, therefore, it becomes an ideal alternative for companies that sell solid foods. Cardboard can be combined with glass containers.


Cloth bags: we have given great importance to this resource for a long time, especially if the business is dedicated to the sale of fresh or vacuum-packed products. Its advantages are diverse: of course its reusability, its comfort, the hygiene it provides and the possibility of recognizing your brand.


Biodegradable plastics: functionality and operability made material. In your design company in Barcelona we take care of customizing the packaging of your product with color, font, size...


At our packaging agency in Barcelona, we create food packaging on materials that allow us to create attractive and reusable packaging.





The first thing we consider is the sustainability of the packaging, thanks to our commitment to preserving the environment.

We keep in mind the eco-friendly concept in our designs and that is why the packaging meets the food certification requirements.


The second factor in our priorities is that of visibility. We have the necessary technology to be able to work with the most specialized impressions through different techniques or different die-cuts.


Another fundamental factor for us is safety. We prioritize the single-dose format to reduce the use of plastics, without forgetting that the packaging is as ergonomic as possible.


At Stwo we know that not all products are the same, therefore we design the packaging based on the characteristics of these products:


State of the product: we choose the packaging material based on whether the product is in a solid, liquid or gaseous state and its weight and fragility.

Transportation: we decide based on whether the product is going to be distributed in vehicles and we consider the amount of time and movements that it will suffer.


Price: we are the most competitive food packaging design company in Barcelona, which allows us to offer prices, designs and customizations according to customer budgets.