Within our services as a communication agency, in which we contribute all our creativity to create a corporate branding, we propose a corporate branding and packaging consultancy in Barcelona.

In this way, we intend to provide our knowledge, and everything we have learned in Stwo, to any entrepreneur who needs it to promote their brand, but who does not need the creative plan that we recommend.




A consultancy is still an advisory service that specializes in providing solutions to different companies that need answers or advice on how to improve their corporate branding together with Packaging.


These queries usually arrive when said brand is experiencing several problems to promote itself or sell its product, something that, depending on the industry in which they belong, can be devastating, not being able to raise their heads anymore.


These business needs end up being the pillars where said business must be sustained.


What we offer as a corporate branding and packaging consultancy in Barcelona is, based on innovation and our experience, to provide these companies with the knowledge and skills to be able to overcome these crises.


In this way we transmit new tools, work methodologies that can work positively and, ultimately, the way to recover their economic-business stability.





Any social, political, economic change or one that affects the general market must always be studied by any company, since a direct benefit can be obtained from these or prepare for a specific drop in sales.


These risks, although very difficult to predict, require constant study so that they are never lost sight of, since assuming that they will never affect us can cause the blow to be much stronger than expected.


In this way, another service of our corporate branding and packaging consultancy in Barcelona is, precisely, to help our clients to be able to analyze and read these situations well, something that can be key when it comes to meeting the objectives of that season.


For this we will always use practical and effective solutions, preventing these brands from having as few problems as possible, thus facilitating economic flow and, as the current war has shown, always having a nook to prevent any pothole from ending them.





Thanks to our corporate branding and packaging consultancy in Barcelona, ​​we will be able to provide you with everything we have mentioned and much more. You just have to contact us through, letting our experts answer you or call you by phone, thus being able to establish a first contact.


We always have answers even to the most complex questions and queries, thus building constructive interactions that will always make you grow as a professional, whether you are an entrepreneur or self-employed.


Along with this, we put at your disposal a complete training in the field of corporate branding and packaging so that you can go much further if you wish, becoming an expert in this field, one that, today, governs the senses and emotions of all your target customers.